Event Photography in Bangkok – Marriott Hotel

Event Photography in Bangkok – Marriott Hotel

I was asked to photograph a group of businessmen and businesswomen at a local hotel in Bangkok. They required individual portraits as well as a group shot of all of them.

This type of photography is challenging because you never know what you are going to get when you arrive on location. It’s basically show up and start improvising. But that’s why location shooting is my favorite.

For this shot luck was with me as the location proved quite nice and elegant and Marriott staff were very friendly and helpful. They went as far as bringing in this beautiful green couch for us to use. This made posing the group a lot easier. When photographing individual portraits it’s a good idea to do it at the end of the session since everyone is more relaxed. We found this beautiful chair to pose everyone in, which is another advantage of location photography.

When photographing a large group the problem sometimes is getting the right expression from all at once. Not this time as these guys knew each other and worked very well together. It was clear they were having fun and made each other relax during the session.

For this shot I used off camera silver umbrella with a strobe.


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