Event Photography

Event Photography, Bangkok, Thailand

What makes Yarex a favorite choice for event photography in Bangkok?

Unlike many photographers I like photographing events. I find them very interesting. There are usually filled with talented professionals who prepare well in advance just for this occasion. Then there is the actual event itself which often takes months to plan. The organizers often work non stop days before this event and are exhausted but always friendly and professional.

As a photographer and an artist I like to shoot events with a creative touch. I am not just documenting but adding something special so the viewers of the images will be able to not just recognize people in the photos but actually enjoy viewing them. From composition to lighting to color grading there is a lot a photographer can play with during this type of photography to make otherwise straight forward images interesting.

During an event there is so much going on at any one time I never run out of subjects to shoot. There are people interacting and the presenters entertaining a room and the staff coordinating it all. The lighting is usually set up in such a way so to add mood and warmth and capturing that is the challenge.  But what I like best about events is the energy you feel being there. Most people attending are there to meet someone new or to say hi to an old acquaintance. They are friendly, full of energy and excited, great subject to photograph.

If you like my photos, please book us for your next event. You will be glad you did.  See you there!