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Jarek PajewskiJarek Pajewski

I was born in Lublin, Poland during the time when Poland was under Communist rule. As Poland started it’s struggle for independence my parents started to feel less safe and decided to leave and find a more peaceful place.

This place turned out to be Calgary in the very peaceful Canada. There I learned a new language and went to Alberta College of Art where I studied photography. After graduating I decided that peaceful wasn’t enough and went on a search for a warmer place.

This led me to Vancouver, BC, one of the warmest cities available to a Canadian citizen. There I worked as a photographer and salesmen and even a gardener for a number of years while coming to a realization I need to find a warmer place.

I found my paradise in Bangkok where average daily temperature is 27 degrees Celsius making it the warmest capital city in the world. Good enough for me. I’ve settled here and have been photographing this amazing city and it’s warm and friendly inhabitants for over a decade.

My favorite subject is people and buildings which is convenient because Bangkok is full of both. My specialties are portraits, interior, fashion and event photography. Give me a call, you will be glad you did.

Mobile: 084 752 1316


Line: yarexphoto

Whatsapp: +6684 752 1316

Kung PajewskiTasanee (Kung) Pajewski is our photo and location coordinator. She sets up appointments and helps with photo tours and photography courses. She also takes care of all our Thai speaking clients. Always smiling and friendly she’s a great member of the team. Ask for her by name for service in Thai.